Name – Renata Paschini
Date of birth – September 8, 1972
Where are you from? – Brazil
First, second or third time at the SMT? – Second Time
Why? – SMT it’s a perfect contest! The Skatehall is perfect, we have the tour to other spots, the organization is very professional, the prize is good, the food is delicious, and the others skaters are very receptive. And the city is beautiful!
First time on a board? – no
Skateboarding since? – 1989
First trick? – slides (downhill)
Last trick? – indy air
Favorite spot? – São Bernardo Citá di Marostica skatepark (Brazil)
In one sentence: why did you start skateboarding? – I start skateboarding to brake my limits.
Sponsors? – Traxart, Bioleve, Niggli, Xtreme, AFSK. But the don´t support me with money, only products.

Here’s a little game. We give you 5 words, and you give us the first
thing that comes to your mind for each word.
5 words from us are looking for 5 associations from you.

DSC00417Caipirinha – beach
CSI – dream
Currywurst – delicious
Suicidal Tendencies – the Band
80ies – best decade!

Any last words?
Doesn´t matter how difficult it is, just go and do it!

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