#365FemSkater March

Inspired by Mona Linas campaign of #365FemaleMCs we start our series „365 Fem Skater“ on March 8th.
For one year, every day, we will present you a person who skates, who is not cis-male. So Fem Skater stands here for the distinction to cis-men in skating, i.e. women, queers, inter, non-binary, transgender (FLINT).
What does „cis-male“ mean? People who were assigned the gender ‚male‘ at birth and who also accept this as their gender identification.

We’ve started this small project to increase the visibility of fem skaters worldwide.

Skating and Hip Hop/Rap are very close to each other, so check out Mona Lina’s crowdfunding campaign.

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# 1

Name: Agata Halikowska
Age: 25
Terrain: Street
Country: Poland / Warsaw
Instagram: @halyynka

# 2

Name: Alana Smith
Age: 19
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp
Country: USA
Instagram: @alanasmithskate

# 3

Name: Aldana Bertran
Age: 21
Terrain: Street
Country: Argentina
Instagram: @aldanabertran

# 4

Name: Elyse Clouthier
Age: 32
Terrain: Bowl, Street
Country: USA
Instagram: @queering_thought

# 5

Name: Andrea Benitez
Age: 25
Terrain: Street
Country: Spain
Instagram: @andreabntzz

# 6

Name: Kayla A Wheeler
Age: 21
Terrain: Street
Country: Jamaica / Kingston
Instagram: @kaylawheelerr

# 7

Name: Cher Strauberry
Age: 24
Terrain: Street
Country: USA
Instagram: @cher_strauberry

# 8

Name: Beatrice Domond
Age: 25
Terrain: Street
Country: USA
Instagram: @beatricedomond

# 9

Name: Ana Maria Falla Toro
Age: 21
Terrain: Bowl, Street
Country: Colombia
Instagram: @anitafallatoro

# 10

Name: Misugu Okamoto
Age: 13
Terrain: Bowl, Park
Country: Japan
Instagram: @misugu0228

# 11

Name: Hanna Zanzi
Age: 28
Terrain: Bowl, Park
Country: USA
Instagram: @hanna_zanzi

# 12

Name: Lola Tambling
Age: 12
Terrain: Bowl
Country: United Kingdom
Instagram: @lola_t_

# 13

Name: Shanae Collins
Age: 27
Terrain: Bowl, Park, Street
Country: Australia
Instagram: @yeahsheezy

# 14

Name: Renata Paschini
Age: 47
Terrain: Bowl
Country: Brazil / Sao Paulo
Instagram: @renataskt
Note: Our favourite Dentist and Skateboarding Legend | Pioneer of the Fem Skate Scene in Brazil | Activist and World Skate Judge | Head of Associação Feminina de Skate and also a great Human

# 15

Name: Valeria Bertaccini
Age: 26
Terrain: Bowl, Park
Country: Italy
Instagram: @berta_vale

# 16

Name: Itzel Granados Flores
Age: 19
Terrain: Street
Country: Mexico
Instagram: @itzelgrnds

# 17

Name: Jessica Jansson
Age: 31
Terrain: Bowl, Miniramp, Street
Country: Sweden
Instagram: @jesjan

# 18

Name: Alisa Fessl
Age: 18
Terrain: Bowl, Miniramp, Park
Country: Austria
Instagram: @alisafessl

# 19

Name: Maayan Levi
Age: 28
Terrain: Street
Country: Jerusalem
Instagram: @maayan_le

# 20

Name: Melissa Williams
Age: 34
Terrain: Street, Park, Bowl
Country: South Africa, Cape Town ZAF
Instagram: @suzysnakes

# 21

Name: Temara “Jaz” Jasmine
Terrain: Street
Country: USA
Instagram: @jaz_skates

# 22

Name: Orapan Tongkong
Age: 22
Terrain: Street
Country: Thailand
Instagram: @orapantongkong

# 23

Name: Kate Shengeliya
Age: 28
Terrain: Street
Country: Russia
Instagram: @kateshengeliya

# 24

Name: Fleur Vos
Age: 17
Terrain: Street
Country: Netherland
Instagram: @fleur_vos

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