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Asiplanchaba (ESP)
Chickteam (GER)
Chica Rider
Divas Skateras (BRA)
Girls Riders Organisation (USA)
Girls Skate Australia (AUS)
Girls Assault (ARG)
Girls Session (NED)
Girls Shred (NED)
No Limit (SWE)
Shake Your Board (PL)
Simple Girl Skater (VIT)
Skatergirl (UK)
Skate for Girls (CZE)
Skate Like A Girl (USA)
Skirtboarders (CAN)
The Alliance (USA)
The Girl Skatecrew Chile (CHN)
The Side Project (USA)
Westcoast Riders (SWE)
Women in Boardsports (USA)

Anna Kruse (GER)
Franziska Stolz (SUI)
Kim Wibbelt (GER)

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