Gender discrimination is all too present in society as it is, so the least we can do is eliminate it from skateboarding. Xenophobia and unjust discrimination will probably always be present but as long as we separate ourselves from those guilty of it, it should make our lives that much better.

Neon stash made this video at the last Girls skate night at Bay sixty6, consisting of asking various female shredders ‘what does it look like to skate like a girl?’ The reactions and answers highlight how ridiculous this false observation actually is (almost Louis Theroux style).

Watch below and help maintain skateboarding as a multicultural, multi-accepting past time.


„What does it look like to ’skate like a girl‘? In support of #LikeAGirl, we headed to BaySixty6 ‚Girls Night‘ on Friday to interrupt the session and ask questions. Breaking stereotypes and setting the record straight, these girls tell us what it means to skate like a girl…“

What Does It Look Like To ‚Skate Like A Girl‘? from Neon Stash on Vimeo.