„Beautiful. This is how skateboarding is supposed to be done!“ was the most often said phrase by moderator Jürgen Horrwarth, commenting the riding and style of the participating skateboarders at “SUCK MY TRUCKS”-All-Girls-Skate-Contest on Easter Saturday.
And he knows what he’s talking about: Jürgen Horrwarth is one of Europe’s very best skateboarding professionals.
The best street-skateboarders of SUCK MY TRUCKS 2012 were Candy Jacobs (NL), Sarah Meurle (SE) and Emme Lindgren (SE).

The vert-contest was won by the lady with the longest arrival: Renata Paschini from Brasil. The second on the vert was Franziska Stolz (CH), in the third was Anna Kruse (DE). 2000 Euros prize money were handed out to the athletes in the street- and vert-competition, and the cash-4-trick-session.

Not only Skateboarding was at the center of attention at SUCK MY TRUCKS, art and culture formed a main part as well. The promoters also organized the exhibiton “girls skate history” that was held the same day at Cassiopeia Club. “Girls skate history” showed the history of women in skateboarding in pictures, videos, portraits from the touring exhibition “Skatebook” by photographer Nikki Toole, and signature items from all over the world.

After the successful debut last year, the promoters contributed befittingly a great second round. Trademark of the young competition is the international flavor: Starters are coming from all over the world to German’s capital to be part of SUCK MY TRUCKS.

Renata Paschini travelled 10300 Kilometer linear distance from Sao Paolo to Berlin. For the 39-year-old vertskater, the journey was more than worthwhile. „Amazing! I can’t believe it. It’s my first time to Berlin. I had my first Currywurst here, and I love it. I made first place in the vert contest and for the first time in my life I saw snow. Real snow“, Paschini jubilated after a true dance of joy in the very few snowflakes that fell on Easter Saturday in Berlin.
With uncountable BS/FS Mute, Indiegrab Airs, and a 360, Renata Paschini won the vert contest ahead of Franziska Stolz from Switzerland who presented her skills with nice FS Airs and a body varial. The third place in Germany’s biggest indoor-halfpipe was taken by Anna Kruse who celebrated her debut with a landed BS Ollie.

In the street contest, 18 women from seven different countries took place. The highest rating on the 900 square meter area was taken by Candy Jacobs from the Netherlands. The X-Games-participant convinced the judges with fast, powerful and safe skateboarding. With a precise approach, she landed a feeble grind on the handrail. Jigs were danced by the Sweds who had already supported SUCK MY TRUCKS during its debut by great skateboarding, best moods and a huge amount of participants. (Almost) same procedure as last year: The Sweds not only won the second place – Sarah Meurle, the Nollie-Heelflip-Star with the elfish skatestyle – , and the third place with Emma Lindgren whose trick variety didn’t leave out any of the obstacles nor any other meter of the skatehall’s. They also won the heart of the audience. Whatever they did, they did it fort he fun: Whether the trick was landed or bailed, the flip taken switch or regular, or the elbow bleeded after a wallride-drop – it all happened with a huge smile.

Precise and very technical skateboarding was shown by Julia Brückler from Vienna. The 23-year-old Austrian flipped – often switch – herself through the hall onto the forth place. She set one the highlights of the contest with her boardslide on the big rail. Lea Schairer from Munich (5th place) landed a fat kickflip over the double set, Caroline Dynybil from Prag took the 6th place, Malene Madsen from Denmark the 7th place, and Lydia Wilfling from Bayreuth the 8th place.

Unfortunately, SUCK MY TRUCKS was clouded by an accident: Sabrina Göggel from Hamburg jumped into a complex fracture of her leg during the last 20 seconds of her run.
The ladies at SUCK MY TRUCKS showed diversified, fast, and technically elaborated Skateboarding. Just on the highest level. But not only skills convinced everyone at SUCK MY TRUCKS 2012, it were the passion and the solidarity of all riders. “I realized it especially during the Cash-4-Trick-Session” said Jürgen Horrwarth, „the girls were not even interested in getting the cash. I even had to run after them to hand out the bills. Most of them only wanted to ride together and have fun, everything else was secondary.”

1. Candy Jacobs (NED) | 280 Punkte | 500 €
2. Sarah Meurle (SWE) | 275 Punkte | 300 €
3. Emma Lindgren (SWE) | 265 Punkte | 150 €
4. Julia Brückler (AUS) | 245 Punkte
5. Lea Schairer (GER) | 235 Punkte
6. Caroline Dynybil (CZE) | 210 Punkte
7. Malene Madsen (DEN) | 200 Punkte
8. Lydia Wilfling (GER) |185 Punkte
9. Klára Kašparová  (CZE) | 145 Punkte
10. Katta Sterner (SWE) | 135 Punkte
11. Petra Hrasova (CZE) | 120 Punkte
Natascha Raible (GER) | 120 Punkte
Héloïse Wathelet (BEL) | 120 Punkte
14. Kim Wibbelt (GER) | 115 Punkte
15. Sabrina Göggel (GER) | 105 Punkte
16. Lynn Dziobeck (GER) | 85 Punkte
17. Anna Kruse (GER) | 60 Punkte
18. Sophie Menzel (GER) | 55 Punkte

1. Renata Paschini (BRA) | 500 €
2. Franziska Stolz (SUI) | 300 €
3. Anna Kruse (GER) | 150 €