#365FemSkater May

Inspired by Mona Linas campaign of #365FemaleMCs we start our series „365 Fem Skater“ on March 8th.
For one year, every day, we will present you a person who skates, who is not cis-male. So Fem Skater stands here for the distinction to cis-men in skating, i.e. women, queers, inter, non-binary, transgender (FLINT).
What does „cis-male“ mean? People who were assigned the gender ‚male‘ at birth and who also accept this as their gender identification.

We’ve started this small project to increase the visibility of fem skaters worldwide.

Skating and Hip Hop/Rap are very close to each other, so check out Mona Lina’s crowdfunding campaign.

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# 55

Name: Jéromine Louvet
Age: 18
Terrain: Bowl, Street
Country: France
Instagram: @jeromine_louvet

# 56

Name: Robin Logan
Terrain: Freestyle, Bowl
Country: USA
Instagram: @robin_logan
Note: 1975 was a big year for the skateboarding world of the USA. People rode with urethane wheels, closed bearings and the kicktail belonged on every board from now on.
Meanwhile about 15 women belonged to the solid core of the skateboard world.
Robin was on the team at the family business „Logan Earth Ski“ and got her pro-model deck there.
From 1975 to 1980 she was extremely active and won a lot of contests. For example the Freestyle Contest at the „Cadillac Ocean Festival“ or the second place at the „Oceanside Freestyle Contest“ in 1979. In 2015 she received a place in the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

# 57

Name: Margielyn Arda Didal
Age: 21
Terrain: Street
Country: Philipines
Instagram: @margielyndidal

# 58

Name: Thato Moet
Age: 18
Terrain: Street
Country: South Africa
Instagram: @thato.moet

# 59

Name: Lena Salmi
Age: 66
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Freestyle
Country: Finland
Instagram: @britalena

# 60

Name: Jaime Reyes
Terrain: Street, Park
Country: Hawaii
Instagram: @_jaime_reyes

# 61

Name: Lauren Mollica
Age: 39
Terrain: Street
Country: USA
Instagram: @laurenmollica

# 62

Name: Julia Brückler
Age: 30
Terrain: Street, Miniramp
Country: Austria
Instagram: @juliabrueckler

# 63

Name: Ασημίνα Μανούσκου
Age: 20
Terrain: Street
Country: Greece
Instagram: @finestfuzz

# 64

Name: Fanni Konda
Age: 19
Terrain: Street
Country: Hungary
Instagram: @fannikonda

# 65

Name: Fay Ebert
Age: 10
Terrain: Bowl, Park, Miniramp
Country: Canada
Instagram: @fayskate

# 66

Name: Christiana Nicole Means
Age: 22
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Park
Country: USA
Instagram: @christiana.means

# 67

Name: Veronica Zamudio Vergara
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Park
Country: Mexico
Instagram: @veronly_sk8

# 68

Name: Candy Jacobs
Age: 29
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Park
Country: Netherlands
Instagram: @candy_jacobs

# 69

Name: Lilly Stoephasius
Age: 12
Terrain: Bowl, Park, Vert
Country: Germany
Instagram: @lillystoephasius

# 70

Name: Maite Louisy
Age: 29
Terrain: Bowl, Park, Vert, Freestyle
Country: Sweden
Instagram: @maite_louisy

# 71

Name: Asia Lanzi
Age: 18
Terrain: Street
Country: Italy
Instagram: @asiaskate

# 72

Name: Danna Valencia Lozano
Age: 24
Terrain: Street, Park
Country: Bolivia
Instagram: @danna_valen13

# 73

Name: Kanya Sesser
Age: 27
Terrain: Street, Park
Country: Thailand / USA
Instagram: @kanyasesser

# 74

Name: Julia Garstka
Terrain: Street
Country: Poland
Instagram: @juloxer

# 75

Name: Marbie
Age: 26
Terrain: Street, Park, Bowl
Country: USA
Instagram: @marbie.princess

# 76

Name: Arin
Age: 28
Terrain: Street
Country: USA
Instagram: @a_r_i_n___

# 77

Name: Neepa Arumdapta
Age: 14
Terrain: Park, Bowl
Country: Indonesia
Instagram: @neepa.pramesti

# 78

Name: Christina Lai
Age: 15
Terrain: Street
Country: Malaysia
Instagram: @christinalai_

# 79

Name: Hristina Vitkovic
Age: 25
Terrain: Street
Country: Serbia
Instagram: @hrisk8

# 80

Name: Meghan McCubbin
Age: 20
Terrain: Street
Country: Uruguay
Instagram: @meg_sk8

# 81

Name: Mecu Videla
Age: 31
Terrain: Park, Bowl
Country: Argentina
Instagram: @mecuskate

# 82

Name: Dahia Ramírez
Terrain: Street
Country: Paraguay 🇵🇾
Instagram: @dahiaskt

# 83

Name: Olga Abrosimova
Age: 40
Terrain: Bowl, Park
Country: Italy
Instagram: @olysk8

# 84

Name: Aimee Massie
Age: 28
Terrain: Street
Country: Australia
Instagram: @aimeemassie

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