Inspired by Mona Linas campaign of #365FemaleMCs we start our series „365 Fem Skater“ on March 8th.
For one year, every day, we will present you a person who skates, who is not cis-male. So Fem Skater stands here for the distinction to cis-men in skating, i.e. women, queers, inter, non-binary, transgender (FLINT).
What does „cis-male“ mean? People who were assigned the gender ‚male‘ at birth and who also accept this as their gender identification.

We’ve started this small project to increase the visibility of fem skaters worldwide.

Skating and Hip Hop/Rap are very close to each other, so check out Mona Lina’s crowdfunding campaign.

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# 85

Name: Dora Varella
Age: 18
Terrain: Bowl, Park
Country: Brazil
Instagram: @dora.varella

# 86

Name: Ralitsa Chimshirova
Terrain: Street
Country: Bulgaria
Instagram: @ralitsa.chm

# 87

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New line, i almost die with all the kids!

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Name: Naomie Mariné
Age: 25
Terrain: Street
Country: Canada
Instagram: @the_tank_sk8

# 88

Name: Sophia Cook
Age: 18
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp
Country: Chile
Instagram: @sophzion

# 89

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BabySmiths ❤️ #queerskateboarding

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Name: Enni Kalilainen
Age: 43
Terrain: Street, Miniramp
Country: Finland
Instagram: @enni_kalilainen

# 90

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Ride, sun, palm tree, sunset... California 🥰🛹

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Name: Maeva Lanier
Age: 24
Terrain: Street
Country: France
Instagram: @maeva_lanier

# 91

Name: Vanessa Konte
Age: 20
Terrain: Street, Miniramp, Bowl
Country: Germany (Munich)
Instagram: @vanessakonte

# 92

Name: Paola Ruiloba
Age: 27
Terrain: Street, Bowl
Country: Israel
Instagram: @paovibes

# 93

Name: Catalina Citali Leyva Feliciano
Age: 20
Terrain: Street
Country: Mexico
Instagram: @citlali.leyva05

# 94

Name: Julia Benedetti Gonzalez
Age: 15
Terrain: Bowl, Park
Country: Spain
Instagram: @juliabenedetti_sk8

# 95

Name: Christine Michelle Liptáková
Age: 23
Terrain: Street
Country: Czech
Instagram: @christinemichelleliptakova

# 96

# 97

Name: Krysta Ashwell
Terrain: Park, Bowl, Street
Country: New Zealand
Instagram: @skate21sta

# 98

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Un flip calentando

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Name: Brigitte Morales
Age: 12
Terrain: Park, Bowl
Country: Peru
Instagram: @brigittemoralesk8

# 99

Name: Nanou Flashes
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp
Country: Switzerland
Instagram: @nanou_flashes

# 100

Name: Elissa Steamer
Age: 44
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp
Country: USA
Instagram: @elissa_steamer
Note: Skateboarding Legend
At the beginning of the 90s, Elissa Steamer, the first female street pro skater, was heard for the first time. She was in no way inferior to her male colleagues. She often skated better than them. She became famous for her great parts in the toy machine videos „Welcome to Hell“ and „Jump Off a Building“.
Later she became a character in the Playstation game „Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater“ and had several pro-model decks at Zero, Toy Machine and Krooked. In 2003 she was voted „Skater of the Year“ by „Check it Out Girls“ magazine. Elissa Steamer has become a role model for countless girls around the world and inspired many young talents who have taken over from her today.

When @mmrwnnsrgnt went to her 1st Münster Monster Mastership in 1998, @elissasteamer got a G-Shock as a „special price“ for being the „only woman“ participating in the contest. @elissasteamer was so pissed off about not being accepted as a regular Skateboarder with price money nor deals that she threw her g-shock into the crowd. That‘s when Anna became one of biggest fans for life. Elissa has been one of our biggest idols ever!

# 101

Name: Cara-Beth Burnside
Age: 48
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp, Halfpipe, Park
Country: USA
Instagram: @carabethburnside
Note: Skateboarding Legend | She started her career in snowboarding to finance her career in skateboarding and won cups and medals in both sports. She was the first woman on the cover of the Thrasher Magazine and is then as now, a great inspiration for many young (and adult) female skateboarders – including the SMT Team.

# 102

Name: Taniah Meyers
Age: 19
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp, Halfpipe, Park
Country: Australia
Instagram: @taniahmeyers

# 103

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Name: Dani Morato
Age: 13
Terrain: Bowl, Park
Country: Brazil
Instagram: @danimoratoskt

# 104

Name: Maria Rojas Benavides
Age: 24
Terrain: Street
Country: Chile
Instagram: @coterojasb

# 105

Name: Tanya Rosado
Terrain: Street
Country: Ecuador
Instagram: @tanyarosado_

# 106

Name: Heini Luotola
Age: 28
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Park, Halfpipe
Country: Finland
Instagram: @hluotola

# 107

Name: Chloé Bernard
Age: 31
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Park
Country: France
Instagram: @chloyeah_suzzies

# 108

Name: Rosa Amalia
Terrain: Street
Country: Honduras
Instagram: @_rosa_amalia_

# 109

# 110

# 111

Name: Lucrezia Zarattini
Age: 16
Terrain: Park, Bowl
Country: Italy
Instagram: @lucrezia_zarattini_

# 112

# 113

# 114

Name: Thawdar Shin Thant
Age: 12
Terrain: Street
Country: Myanmar
Instagram: @thawdar_shinthant

# 115

Name: Elly Townshend
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp
Country: New Zealand
Instagram: @_ellyt_