#365FemSkater April

Inspired by Mona Linas campaign of #365FemaleMCs we start our series „365 Fem Skater“ on March 8th.
For one year, every day, we will present you a person who skates, who is not cis-male. So Fem Skater stands here for the distinction to cis-men in skating, i.e. women, queers, inter, non-binary, transgender (FLINT).
What does „cis-male“ mean? People who were assigned the gender ‚male‘ at birth and who also accept this as their gender identification.

We’ve started this small project to increase the visibility of fem skaters worldwide.

Skating and Hip Hop/Rap are very close to each other, so check out Mona Lina’s crowdfunding campaign.

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# 25

Name: Shani Bru
Age: 21
Terrain: Bowl, Park, Street
Country: France
Instagram: @shanibru

# 26

Name: Tania Cruz
Terrain: Street
Country: Argentina
Instagram: @tania.jcruz

# 27

Name: Nika Washington
Age: 28
Terrain: Street
Country: USA
Instagram: @cranberryinmycup

# 28

Name: Peggy Oki
Age: 63
Terrain: Freestyle, Bowl, Park, Halfpipe
Country: USA
Instagram: @peggy_oki
Note: Skateboarding Legend | Activist | Zephyr Team Rider | Surfer | Rock climber | Founder & Director of Origami Whales Project | Environmental & fine artist and since 2012 part of the Skateboard Hall of Fame

# 29

Name: Hannah Baumbusch
Age: 25
Terrain: Bowl, Park, Miniramp, Halfpipe, Street
Country: Germany, Berlin
Instagram: @skateboardhannah

# 30

Name: Ariadne Souza
Age: 17
Terrain: Street
Country: Brazil
Instagram: @ariadnesk8

# 31

Name: Tonje Pedersen
Age: 24
Terrain: Street
Country: Norway
Instagram: @tonjesk8

# 32

Name: Andrea Wilshusen
Age: 29
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp
Country: Spain, Barcelona
Instagram: @andreawilshusen

# 33

Name: Julia Wilshusen
Age: 29
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Miniramp
Country: Spain, Barcelona
Instagram: @julia.wilshusen

# 34

Name: Atita Verghese
Terrain: Street, Bowl, Park
Country: India
Instagram: @rattyatty

# 35

Name: Tara Jepsen
Age: 47
Terrain: Bowl
Country: USA
Instagram: @captaindingbat

# 36

Name: Lucy Adams
Age: 36
Terrain: Street, Miniramp
Country: UK
Instagram: @lucyadamsskate

# 37

Name: Hui Zixuan
Age: 26
Terrain: Street
Country: China
Instagram: @huizixuan_sk8

# 38

Name: Emilie „Pipa“ Souza
Age: 27
Terrain: Street
Country: Brazil
Instagram: @pipasouza

# 39

Name: Lore Bruggeman
Age: 17
Terrain: Street
Country: Belgium
Instagram: @lorebruggeman

# 40

Name: Silvi Rula
Age: 42
Terrain: Vert, Miniramp, Bowl
Country: Spain
Instagram: @silvirula

# 41

Name: Una Farrar
Age: 21
Terrain: Street, Bowl
Country: Canada
Instagram: @lil_tubsy

# 42

Name: Sue Hazel
Terrain: Freestyle, Halfpipe
Country: UK
Instagram: @sue.hazel.31
Note: Skateboarding Legend | Rock climber

# 43

Name: Keet Oldenbeuving
Age: 15
Terrain: Street Machine
Country: Netherlands
Instagram: @keetoldenbeuving

# 44

Name: Kamali Moorthy
Age: 9
Terrain: Street, Park
Country: India
The complete documentation can be found under the following link huffingtonpost

# 45

Name: Sarah Meurle
Age: 30
Terrain: Street, Park
Country: Sweden
Instagram: @smeurle

# 46

Name: Yuri Murai
Age: 33
Terrain: Street
Country: Japan
Instagram: @yuriyuri_desu
Note: She’s the filmmaker behind the „Joy and Sorrow“ Skatemovies

# 47

Name: Ania Kulig
Age: 20
Terrain: Street
Country: Poland
Instagram: @annkulig

# 48

Name: Antonie Bakošová
Age: 14
Terrain: Street
Country: Czech Republic
Instagram: @tonca_bakosova

# 49

Name: Pauline Buíölow
Age: 22
Terrain: Street, Miniramp
Country: Denmark
Instagram: @paulinebulow

# 50

Name: Grace Cochrane
Age: 17
Terrain: Bowl, Park, Vert
Country: Australia
Instagram: @graciecochrane

# 51

Name: Lilia Sukhankova
Age: 29
Terrain: Bowl, Park, Street
Country: Russia
Instagram: @liliya0

# 52

Name: Josefina Tapia Varas
Age: 18
Terrain: Bowl, Park
Country: Chile
Instagram: @jose.tapiav

# 53

Name: Horaima Martinez
Age: 30
Terrain: Street, Park
Country: Venezuela (California now)
Instagram: @horaima_martinez

# 54

Name: Dominika Králiková
Age: 27
Terrain: Street
Country: Slovakia
Instagram: @jennuska

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